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Hannah and Arianna representing St John Fishers in a series of Carols from the Diocese being hosted by Leeds Trinity

Holy Mass and the Rosary from Lourdes live-streams

Streamed Daily & Sunday Masses from Leeds Cathedral. Each Weekday at 10.30 am & each Sunday at 11.00 am Holy Mass is available on: or

There will also be a live-stream of the Angelus at 12.00 Noon each weekday, followed by praying the Rosary. Details of other devotions are available via the Leeds Cathedral website and Cathedral Bulletin.

To participate online, please access the Leeds Cathedral Live YouTube channel where the words of Prayers, Devotions and Orders of Service may be viewed, or downloaded from the Diocesan and Cathedral websites.

Holy Mass from Walsingham (12 noon each day) or viewed later on & Mass is available on the EWTN TV channel:
The Holy Father’s Daily Mass (celebrated with English translation) is found at:

NEW Mass & Rosary from Lourdes: or

Coronavirus Information, Tips and Prayers: information tips and prayers during coronavirus

Mass readings:

Catholic Care Community Response Service: community response service

Coronavirus arrangements: decree for special arrangements re covid 19 ms 18.02.20
Catholic Bishop’s Conference coronavirus response: 2020.03.18 public letter from the presidency cbcew
Supporting the faithful: supporting the faithful and each other in prayer

Leeds Cathedral Mass Live Stream (every Sunday at 11 am):

National Call to Prayer: churches together national call to prayer
when mass cannot be celebrated publically
bishops conference prayers

Saturday (Vigil)
6:30 pm

11:30 am

Weekday and Holy Mass Times
As announced (see Newsletter page)

Sacrament of Reconciliation 
Saturday 11:30 am (on request)


If you or a family member is admitted to hospital, please inform the staff on the ward that you are a Catholic and would like to see the Catholic Chaplain.  All the local hospitals have designated Catholic Chaplains.

The Diocese of Leeds is a registered charity (No. 249404).

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